Contract Vault Platform

What is Contract Vault and who is it for?

The Contract Vault platform has a wide variety of use cases and a large target audience, here are some examples:

a) users can access verified (normal) contract templates for a variety of uses as well as being able to customise them to their individual needs

b) users can also access smart contract templates and set them up for their (more complex) needs - without extensive technical knowledge

c) users can use our SmartTemplates to generate Ricardian Contracts which enable the legally binding and enforceable transfer of physical assets and rights on the blockchain

d) legal experts can offer contract templates on our marketplace as well as their insights and services if/when users want to ask questions or seek counsel

e) developers can offer smart contract templates as well as auditing and other technical services on our marketplace

f) users (and lawyers) who want to implement smart contracts can interact with experienced blockchain developers who offer their knowledge through the platform for more complex situations.

g) Law firms and notaries can use our SmartTemplates to generate SmartForms and SmartDossiers to more efficiently collaborate with their clients

h) businesses can easily integrate with the Contract Vault platform to augment their applications with blockchain technology

How can I be sure that the legal contracts I create are legally-binding?

All legal contract templates (SmartTemplates) will be verified by Contract Vault's legal partners and content providers before being published on the Contract Vault Marketplace.

How can I be sure that the smart contracts and Ricardian contracts I create are technically sound?

All SmartTemplates will require manual or automated security audits before being published on the Contract Vault marketplace.

How many years has the company been in business?

The concept for Contract Vault was developed early 2017 based on our experiences with smart contracts, the legal industry and the severe lack of any useful smart contract platforms - the team has been working on the project full-time since mid-2017.

Does Contract Vault already have customers?

We have multiple launch customers as well as multiple businesses that intend to leverage the platform's unique legally-enforceable smart contracts and PaaS (Platform as a Service) functionality.

Is the Contract Vault platform controlled by lawyers?

No - the concept and platform is developed by a team comprising both legal and technical background. One of our founders has a legal education. The base content for the legally-binding SmartTemplates which Contract Vault offers was developed in cooperation with legal experts from a wide range of jurisdictions.