Contract Vault Platform

What is Contract Vault and who is it for?

The Contract Vault platform has a wide variety of use cases and a large target audience, here are some examples:

a) users can access verified (normal) contract templates for a variety of uses as well as being able to customise them to their individual needs

b) users can also access smart contract templates and set them up for their (more complex) needs - without extensive technical knowledge

c) users can use our SmartTemplates to generate Ricardian Contracts which enable the legally binding and enforceable transfer of physical assets and rights on the blockchain

d) legal experts can offer contract templates on our marketplace as well as their insights and services if/when users want to ask questions or seek counsel

e) developers can offer smart contract templates as well as auditing and other technical services on our marketplace

f) users (and lawyers) who want to implement smart contracts can interact with experienced blockchain developers who offer their knowledge through the platform for more complex situations.

g) Law firms and notaries can use our SmartTemplates to generate SmartForms and SmartDossiers to more efficiently collaborate with their clients

h) businesses can easily integrate with the Contract Vault platform to augment their applications with blockchain technology

When can I expect the VLT Token to be available on cryptocurrency exchanges?

The Vault Token is a standard ERC-20 token. We are in talks with several exchanges regarding the listing of VLT tokens, but will not comment futher at this time.

What is the development timeline/roadmap?

An indicative development timeline is available on the Token Sale page of the website. However, the concrete realisation highly depends on the results of the VLT Token sale.

How will I be able to use the VLT token?

The Contract Vault platform will be comprised both of a contract builder and a marketplace. In order to access the content (SmartTemplates and contracts) and services (legal and technical) on the platform, users will pay in VLT tokens. Should a user decide to purchase additional services or advice from those in the marketplace, he or she would also pay in VLT tokens.

Do I have to have VLT tokens to use Contract Vault?

Yes. However, users will also be able to buy VLT directly on the platform. Since Contract Vault cannot create new VLT, it will be forced to regularly buy VLT on the free market in order to meet the VLT demand on the platform.

How can I be sure that the legal contracts I create are legally-binding?

All legal contract templates (SmartTemplates) will be verified by Contract Vault's legal partners and content providers before being published on the Contract Vault Marketplace.

How can I be sure that the smart contracts and Ricardian contracts I create are technically sound?

All SmartTemplates will require manual or automated security audits before being published on the Contract Vault marketplace.

How many years has the company been in business?

The concept for Contract Vault was developed early 2017 based on our experiences with smart contracts, the legal industry and the severe lack of any useful smart contract platforms - the team has been working on the project full-time since mid-2017.

Does Contract Vault already have customers?

We have multiple launch customers as well as multiple businesses that intend to leverage the platform's unique legally-enforceable smart contracts and PaaS (Platform as a Service) functionality.

Is the Contract Vault platform controlled by lawyers?

No - the concept and platform is developed by a team comprising both legal and technical background. One of our founders has a legal education. The base content for the legally-binding SmartTemplates which Contract Vault offers was developed in cooperation with legal experts from a wide range of jurisdictions.

Vault Token Sale

Which cryptocurrencies can I use to contribute to the Vault Token Sale?

Ether contributions will be accepted. Please note that this is subject to change.

Can I use fiat currencies to contribute to the Vault Token Sale?

Participants will be able to contribute to the Vault Token Sale using fiat (Swiss Francs or Euros) currencies and major credit cards. All fiat and credit card contributions will be held in escrow until the Token Sale concludes. Please note that this is subject to change.

How will contributions be kept safe?

All cryptocurrency contributions as well as the minted VLT Tokens will be kept in secure multi-sig wallets. All fiat or credit card contributions will be held in escrow until the Token Sale concludes.

Is the VLT token a security, utility or payment token?

The VLT token is a utility token.

Why do you need a Token Sale? Why do you need a token?

We believe in innovation - this is the core of Contract Vault and what it offers users. Part of this innovation involves creating a token-based system that will - in a first-phase support development of the platform, then create a self-sustaining ecosystem where users and experts can both spend and earn tokens. A Token Sale is only the first part of this vision.

How can I report an issue during the Token Sale or with the KYC procedure?

The best place to reach us or our KYC partner during the Token Sale is in our Telegram chat which can be found here

Do I need to provide an ID to participate?

Yes. The token sale is accompanied by a straightforward state-of-the-art, fully FINMA-compliant KYC process, which differs depending on the the contribution. In a nutshell: Contributions below 5'000 Swiss Francs require standard indentification and contributions above 100’000 Swiss Francs require extended KYC including source of funds verification. Everything in between goes through the regular KYC process.

A walkthrough of the KYC process can be found here. Our KYC and AML provider is CB Financial Services AG a fully compliant Swiss FINMA regulated service provider.

How are the VLT tokens that the founders and team receive handled?

Vesting ensures long-term alignment of interests and is standard for any serious project. All founders and team members will have a 3 year vesting schedule with a 6 month cliff. This means one-sixth of the tokens will be matured every 6 months.

Will I be able to trade my tokens?

We are in talks with several exchanges regarding the listing of VLT tokens, but we will not comment on this further at this time.

What is the company reserve & long-term budget specified in the token distribution for?

The tokens allocated to the company reserve will primarily be used to enable platform users to purchase VLT tokens after launch.

Where is the Token Sale Smart Contract address?

Every participant that registers on the Token Sale Dashboard will receive a unique and personal contribution address on the Token Sale Dashboard which is tied to their account.

What is the Token Contract address?

The Vault Token Contract can be found here on the Ethereum Mainnet.

What is the token distribution?

900 million tokens will be issued. 450 million in the public sale. 180 million are kept as a company reserve for future needs. 112.5 million are reserved for early contributors and advisors. 90 million are reserved for the founders and team. 67.5 million are earmarked for the marketing and bounty campaigns.

Where is the Token Contract code?

The Vault Token Smart Contract code as well as the other Smart Contracts used for the Vault Token Sale can be found here.

Where will I keep my tokens after participating?

The VLT Token is a standard ERC20 token - meaning it can be held in any standard Ethereum wallet. Participants will be able to specify their wallet address on the Token Sale Dashboard.