The Vault Token

VLT (VAULT) is a transferable ERC-20 compliant digital utility token deployed on the Ethereum network. VLT enables consumers, law firms and corporations to utilize the Contract Vault platform and marketplace while incentivizing content creators to create and maintain high-quality contracts on the Contract Vault marketplace.

VLT is used throughout the Contract Vault ecosystem. Some of its uses are illustrated below:

Why participate?

  • Trust

    The VLT token sale is a fair and fully-transparent token sale with realistic goals and which supports a product that has a proven market.

  • Innovation

    Smart contracts are the future. The Contract Vault platform has hundreds of real-world use cases waiting to be developed. You will make this a reality.

  • (R)evolution

    The legal industry is on the verge of digital disruption. Contributing to the VLT token sale will help shape its future.

  • Bridge the gap

    Together we can connect traditional contracts and blockchain-based Smart Contracts in a way that makes both Truly Smart – and truly useful.

  • Team

    You are supporting a close-knit group of legal innovators, technical pioneers – and firm believers in the mission of Contract Vault.

  • Democracy

    Your participation is a vote for a solution that helps ordinary users gain access to legal and technical tools they might otherwise not have.

The Token Sale

The link to the token sale website and registration form will be published shortly.

The token sale will allow business and product development, the hiring of new talent, building enterprise integrations as well as paying for content creation so that the vision of building an advanced platform and marketplace with comprehensive tools can be fulfilled.

  • Pre-Crowdsale

    1st Dec 2017 - 31st Jan 2018

    Phase finished
  • Phase I

    1st May 2018 - 30th June 2018

    Phase finished
  • Phase II

    15st July 2018 - 31st August 2018

    Current Phase

Token distribution

  • 450m
    Public sale
  • 180m
    Company reserve & long-term budget
  • 112.5m
    Early contributors, advisors & strategic partners
  • 90m
    Founders & team
  • 67.5m
    Marketing & Bounties

Planned use of proceeds

  • 60%
    Development & content creation
  • 12%
    Market & business development
  • 10%
    Operational expenses
  • 8%
    Contingency & unforeseen costs
  • 5%
    Legal expenses
  • 5%

Further information

Token sale start dates

Pre-crowdsale: 1st of December 2017 - 31st of January 2018
Registration for Phase I: starting May 1 2018
Phase I: 1st of May 2018 - 30st of June 2018 (up to 25% bonus)
Phase II: 15th of July 2018 - 31st of August 2018
For more information see token sale phases

Team & founder vesting

Vesting ensures long-term alignment of interests and is standard for any serious project. All founders and team members will have a 3 year vesting schedule with a 6 month cliff. This means one-sixth of the tokens will be matured every 6 months.

Unsold VLT tokens

VLT tokens that are not sold through the token sale smart contract will be burned after Phase II of the token sale.


Partnerships with respected companies such as Validity Labs and ChainSecurity will ensure the security of the token sale and funds.

Preregistration and KYC

Registration for Phase I of the public token sale will begin on May 1 2018. Registration and KYC procedures will be mandatory for all participants.

Citizens and residents of the United States, China, and Singapore will be unable to participate in the VLT token sale.


Instructions for participation and Ethereum contribution addresses will only be communicated on the VLT token sale dashboard.

Bounties and referrals

Bounty program: The VLT token sale will include an extensive bounty program which will be announced in April 2018.

Referral program: After registering contributors will receive a referral code that they can pass along to their friends. Referrals will grant 5% of all referred contributions.



Ending on the 31st of January, 2018 or when sold out (dates are subject to change) our affiliates are pre-selling VLT tokens (prior to the public token sale) at a discount for strategically aligned partners and other interested parties.

For information on the terms of the pre-crowdsale please contact

Phase I

Phase I of the public token sale will begin on the 1st of May 2018 with registration starting on May 1 2018. Participants of Phase I will receive up to 25% bonus tokens (1 CHF = 12.5 VLT tokens). 50% of the public token supply will be available during Phase I.

Phase II

Phase II of the public token sale will begin on the 15th of July 2018. All remaining VLT tokens will be available during this phase.