Contract Vault in a Nutshell

Contract Vault is a platform that bridges the gulf between legal contracts and smart contracts making the creation, management and integration of contractual processes on the blockchain simple.

It is the solution to get everyone ready for the brave new world of smart contracts - and make them Truly Smart.

  • Legally-enforceable smart contracts

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    Use Ricardian Contracts to combine traditional legal contracts with smart contracts, ensuring their legal enforceability and enabling the transfer of physical property and rights on the blockchain.

  • Rich ecosystem

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    Through Contract Vault's rich ecosystem of legal advisors, blockchain experts and businesses, users gain access to expert advice, arbitration and mediation.

  • Accessible

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    Our intuitive interface allows anyone to create, test and manage traditional and smart contracts using only a browser or mobile device.

  • Marketplace

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    Access, customize and deploy a wide variety of legally and technically audited contract templates. Rate and discuss contract templates or access legal and technical advice directly.

  • Contract builder

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    Create your own traditional or smart contracts or modify existing contracts to suit your needs using our visual SmartEdit tool and natural-language processing.

  • White label solution

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    Law firms, banks, insurances and other businesses can offer their own white-labelled version of Contract Vault to their customers.

  • Powerful

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    Create any kind of contract, from simple conventional loan agreements to entire Legal-, Insure- or Fintech applications that leverage on-chain and off-chain events.

  • Enterprise-ready

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    Our API enables enterprises to create or enhance applications by integrating their existing processes with smart contracts without spending months developing them.

  • Develop new sales channels

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    Businesses and service providers gain access to new customers through an opt-in advertising platform which incentivizes users for using their services.


The Status Quo

Contracts are hard. Smart contracts aren't truly smart.

The legal services industry is currently entering a phase of deep transformation and smart contracts and blockchain technology are taking the world by storm - but how can lawyers, consumers, developers and corporations reap the benefits of these new technologies?

There are 4 issues with contracts and smart contracts that the Contract Vault platform aims to solve:

  1. ISSUE #1


    Contract templates are often poorly drafted, out-of-date, unclear, not truly customisable or extensible and require too much legal knowledge to use for average consumers.

  2. ISSUE #2


    Contract creation is hard, inefficient and tedious, even for legal professionals. Collaboration with clients is inefficient and usually consists of emailing documents back and forth.

  3. ISSUE #3


    Smart contracts are complicated and expensive to implement, inaccessible to non-technical people, can be insecure and are often not legally compliant. They are developed for specific use-cases and are not reusable.

  4. ISSUE #4


    Access to legal and technical advice for conventional and smart contracts is expensive and hard to obtain quickly.

The Solution

Contract Vault is the place where this will change.

Users can construct their own reusable, customisable SmartTemplates or access a wide range of ready-made verified, legally-enforceable SmartTemplates which can be used to generate any kind of conventional or smart contract. Lawyers can provide advice, get access to secure smart contracts and use our tools such as SmartDossiers to collaborate with their clients more efficiently. Blockchain experts can offer their expertise and services directly on the Contract Vault Marketplace. Businesses can quickly and efficiently implement (smart) contracts tailored to their needs.


Who is Contract Vault for?

  • Consumers

    Use professional traditional contracts and smart contracts effortlessly without legal or technical knowledge. Access legal experts and technical advice quickly and easily. Benefit from special offers from our rich ecosystem.

  • Enterprise customers

    Create new or enhance your current applications by integrating smart contracts with your existing business processes. Offer targeted services to Contract Vault users based on the type and contents of their agreements.

  • Law firms

    Expand your reach and range of services in the world of legally-enforceable smart contracts. Simplify your existing workflows and optimize conventional contract creation. Bring your services and expertise closer to potential customers by empowering them with easily-accessible content and on-demand advice.

  • Legal professionals

    Sell your contract creations, provide arbitration and mediation services and offer your legal expertise directly to consumers and businesses on the Contract Vault marketplace. Bridge the gap between traditional and smart contracts.

  • Small business customers

    Optimize your business processes by easily connecting smart contracts to your applications. Reduce administrative costs by managing your contractual agreements on the Contract Vault Platform. Bundle our services as an additional benefit to your customers.

  • Smart contract developers

    Meet exactly the people who need your technical knowledge. Offer smart contract creation, auditing and advice to consumers and businesses on our marketplace. Benefit from our visual and validation tools while deploying and managing smart contracts.

Use Cases / Integrations

The sky is the limit when it comes to the use cases of the Contract Vault platform. Our unique visual editor SmartEdit supports any kind of contract.

Agreements can be modelled as conventional contracts, smart contracts or a mixture of both. For example, if you lend your car to another party, you can include a security (eg. in the form of tokens) to be transferred by the borrower via a smart contract as a validity requirement for the agreement.

The ability to trigger smart contracts using both on- and off-chain events enables the creation of complete blockchain applications.

Below are some featured projects and applications currently in development or being planned that build on the Contract Vault platform.

The Contract Vault platform can generate a variety of end-products from our SmartTemplates, including:

  • Conventional legal agreements, which can then be used offline in the usual manner
  • Legal agreements, which can be saved securely on decentralised storage and made tamper-proof using signed blockchain transactions
  • SmartForms and SmartDossiers, which empower legal professionals by enabling them to communicate and collaborate with their clients more efficiently
  • Customised Smart Contracts, such as Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • Legally-enforceable Smart Contracts in the form of Ricardian contracts or dual-linked smart contracts
Contract Vault

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