Contract Vault GmbH

The company behind the Contract Vault platform

Located in the very heart of Crypto Valley, Switzerland, Contract Vault as a company was founded in 2017 and is dedicated to the proposition that legal contracts and advanced smart contracts should be accessible and usable by all.

We operate out of Lakeside Business Center in Zug – where we cooperate and collaborate with some of the most innovative blockchain startups in the world.

Our Team

The perfect combination

True to the underlying principles of the Contract Vault platform, we come from both legal and technical backgrounds – one co-founder from each side.

The rest of us fit in perfectly.

Gordon Mickel

Founder & Managing Director

Gordon studied Computer Science at the University of Basel, has six years experience serving in CEO and CTO positions as well as 20 years of practical experience delivering production-grade software. He has been involved in blockchain technology since 2013 and is especially interested in the Ethereum project and the possibilities of decentralised apps. For the past four years, he has been working as a freelance Lead Developer for companies such as RUAG Defence, Kaba Schweiz, PostFinance, Novartis, Swisscom and Basler Versicherungen.

Daniel Killenberger


Daniel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with a focus on artificial intelligence from the University of Basel and has been engaged with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies since 2012 after hearing about Bitcoin. His interest peaked with the launch of Ethereum as he saw a huge potential in decentralized applications. This lead him to study cryptography and blockchain technologies outside of university.

Ian Simpson

Communications and marketing

Focused communications, thought leadership and strategic digital marketing are the elements which Ian brings to Contract Vault as Communications Advisor. Educated at Middlebury College, VT - his experience spans multiple continents and disciplines within the international startup scene. After being transplanted to Crypto Valley in early 2017, he has played an important role in building the local crypto/blockchain ecosystem while coordinating Europe's largest blockchain startup contest - the Blockchain Competition and organising the first Blockchain Summit in Zug.

Achim Lau


After his studies of economics and law at the University of Saarbrücken Achim earned his Master of Law at the University of Constance before starting his career as legal counsel of a software start-up company. For more than 15 years he collected experience as legal advisor in different large international US (3rd biggest worldwide) and national software companies specialising in the data security sector following his dedication for progressive law in the high tech sector.

Daniel Streuli


Daniel holds, among others, a Master of Science in Physics from the ETH Zurich and has passed all three CFA (“Chartered Financial Analyst”) exams. He gained extensive experience in the DCM Derivatives field during his work for a leading Swiss investment bank.

Gvozden Zivkovic


Gvozden is an experienced serbian attorney at law with a focus on commercial law who worked at the largest insurance firm in the Balkans. He is mainly responsible for our expansion and strategic partnerships in Southeastern Europe.

Our Advisors

As we push into the future to bring (smart) contracts to everyday users, we are extremely grateful for our strong group of advisors who help us shape the project, fit it to the most pressing use-cases and communicate the vision to all who can benefit from it.

Alexander Hofmann

Intellectual Property

Alexander Hofmann advises and represents clients in negotiations in all areas of IT-law, in particular outsourcings (managed services), cloud computing, utilities, and digitization, but also in complex sourcing projects for hard- and software as well as in strategic IT-change projects, and in all current contracting of IT-law and shared economy.

Dr. Christian Laux


Dr. Christian Laux combines his experience both as inside counsel as well as his practice as outside counsel since many years with a passion for technology. In his daily practice Christian focuses on IT law matters, and he has extensive experience with technology-related and e-commerce issues.

Mark Schieweck

Negotiations and partnerships

Mark Schieweck advises clients regarding matters and in negotiations in all areas of information and telecommunication law, in particular in complex hard- and/or software sourcing projects, open source software, project agreements, outsourcing arrangements (Managed Services), cloud computing and all common type of agreements in the area of ICT-law and e-commerce.

Dr. Juerg Hess


Dr. Juerg Hess has extensive experience in outsourcing and related issues. He combines his experience as in-house counsel of IBM Switzerland Ltd with the skills he gained in international assignments as well as with his background in economics.

Rick O’Neill, FRSA

Digital marketing

Rick Graduated with a BA(Hons) in Product Design & Marketing at Southampton University, before going on to become Student Designer of the Year for the RSA (and made an honorary Fellow of the Society). An Entrepreneur at heart, skilled in Brand, Digital Marketing and Visual Communication, Rick has built and advised several businesses. After a successful exit from his first business in 2007, Rick went on to become Co-Founder of LTF (A high-end digital marketing agency, about to celebrate it's 10th year in business) & Klarifi (a visual storytelling platform for B2B sales teams). LTF has recently become known for driving successful digital marketing campaigns for Blockchain Startups and ICOs, and we are delighted that Rick has joined us as Digital Marketing Advisor at Contract Vault.

Micha Roon

Blockchain expert

Micha is a veteran software engineer with 25 years practical experience delivering production-grade software for big organisations mainly in the financial industry. His interest in blockchain in general and Ethereum in particular dates back to 2014 when he was struck by the power of the smart-contract paradigm and knew immediately that this would change the world. Since then he has contributed to many blockchain projects, 2 asset backed coins, a decentralised asset management, a decentralised ad network, a crypto document management system and a decentralised liquidity network.